Our company offers mainly quartz glass tube, intended to:


- Glow tubes for mercury lamps and halogen lamps


Dimensions of rods and glow tubes and halogen tubes are agreed with the customer acording to production possibility.


For laboratory applications, we offer vessels made of transparent quartz glass in the form of:


- Crucibles with lids

- Evaporating dishes

- Beakers in a wide range of capacities

- Combustion boats

- Quartz tubes

- Test tubes

- Special quartz vessels



Quartz glass ensures excellent chemical resistance and hydrolytic vessels and allows them to be used for thermal, at a temperature of up to 1100C.  


In addition to the products described on our website, we also offer:


- Quartz wool with fiber thickness to 0.03 mm 

- Quartz rods Ø 3 - 12 mm

- Flame polished tiles/plates Ø 20 - 105 mm

- Thin-and thick-walled quartz Cullet